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  • KEEROO 712A
  • KEEROO 712A
  • KEEROO 712A

Keeroo 712A
Part no: K10035

The Keeroo 712A is the leveler which is infinitely adjustable in width from 70 to 120 centimeters. The blades can be adjusted completely flat so that a flat surface is created, but these can also be placed in a roof profile so that the substrate receives a roof profile and is therefore sloping to the outer sides.

The 712A is equipped with stainless steel blades and large puncture-proof wheels, which makes that the Keeroo requires little maintenance.
The 712A comes standard with the llarge puncture-proof wheels, but is also available with pneumatic wheels on request.
The air wheels are ideal when loose sand is leveled, such as on beach fields.

Finally, two handles are mounted on the frame, so that the Keeroo can easily be lifted for transport.

Radius Blades
Part no: K20030
The radius blades are ideal for leveling the base for pavements of roads. Due to the radius, the surface gets a curvature, so the sides will be lower then the middle.

Serrated Blades
Part no: K20041
The serrated blades are ideal for leveling coarse areas such as beach volleyball courts and horse paddocks.
Due to the toothed blade the substrate divides itself easily and quickly. Also, the toothed blade can be used for evenly scrape off from the substrate.

Roller height adjustment
Part no: K20050
When the supplied wheels for height adjustment are not sufficient, for example, on high curbs or beveled curbs, these plastic roller can be used. It has a width of 120 mm and can reach a height of 25 cm accessible from bottom blade. An additional reinforcement plate is provided to place between the blade and the roller for strength.